VST research MK677.



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MK677 from VST research is the strongest growth hormone supporting supplement out there. This is a real hardcore product that you should try to get bigger and leaner. There is probably no better working product on the market. When you try it, make sure you let us know how it worked for you.  Buy VST research MK677 before it is gone.

Recommended use

For adult use only. Suggested serving is 2-3capsules daily. Use every day for 4weeks and then discontinue use for 8 weeks. PCT recommended.

Supplement facts

Capsules per container: 60

Ingredients per 2 capsules

MK677 25mg

Huperzine A 200

Other ingredients

Magnesium Stearate, Gelatine Capsule Shell.

What is MK677?

MK-677 is also known as Ibutamoren promotes the secretion of the growth hormone (GH) and increases insulin-like growth factor 1. Ibutamoren increases growth hormone levels by mimicking the action of the hormone ghrelin and binding to one of the ghrelin receptors in the brain. Activated GHSR stimulates growth hormone release from the brain.

GHSR is found in brain regions that control appetite, pleasure, mood, biological rhythms, memory, and cognition. Therefore, we can expect that ibutamoren may also affect these functions.

Benefits of increased GH and IGF-1 include:

  • Increased bone turnover and eventually bone density
  • Improved sleep quality and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep duration.
  • Reduced Muscle Wasting
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Reduced fat mass
  • Possible healing of tendons, joints, and ligaments

Promotes Muscle Growth

Ibutamoren taken orally once daily has ana benefits that promote an increase in lean body mass.

This results in greater muscle mass for individuals who supplement with Ibutamoren, and also gives benefits to users that are often not available in competing growth hormone stimulators.

Increases Bone Density

Growth hormone treatments have been shown to stimulate both bone turnover in the short-term and increased bone density in the long-term.

The increase in bone turnover can sometimes result in a temporary decrease in bone density before an increase begins.

Positive Effect on Sleep

Though unclear how, or to what extent, it has long been known that growth hormone plays a role in the regulation of sleep patterns.

The Center for the Study of Biological Rhythms in Brussels, Belgium devised a study intended to answer lingering questions regarding MK-677’s effect on sleep patterns in human subjects.