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45 Servings – 405g 

Time 4 Collagen+ contains our Premium Blend of Peptiplus® Bioactive Collagen Peptides with added MSM, Silica from Bamboo Extract & Vitamin C. It is unflavoured & can be mixed into any beverage including hot drinks like coffee.

Collagen is a major component of the human body making up about 30% of our total body protein. Collagen is crucial for Joints, Bones, Muscle, Ligaments, Tendons, Skin, Hair & Nails.

MSM, Silica & Vitamin C have many health benefits but also play a crucial role in Collagen Production.

TIME 4 COLLAGEN+ | Premium Quality Bioactive Collagen Peptides

Fortified with MSM, Silica & Vitamin C

  • Peptiplus® Bioactive Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides are rapidly digested & fully utilised by your body. Collagen is crucial for joints, bones, ligaments, tendons, smooth skin, healthy hair & nails
  • Pharmaceutical Grade MSM is essential for Collagen & Keratin production which are the building blocks of bone, skin, hair, nails, muscle, tendons & ligaments
  • Premium Quality Bamboo Extract Providing A High Level Of Silica
  • Fortified With Vitamin C which plays a vital role in the bodies synthesis & maintenance of Collagen As well as being essential for Collagen formation, Vitamin C has numerous other health benefits
  • Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Lactose Free, GMO Free, Sugar Free & Fat Free
  • Total Peace of Mind with our UK made products

A Collagen Supplement is a potent combination of natural substances designed to enhance the body’s production of Collagen. This is the most abundant protein in the body, accounting for approximately 35% of its protein content & as much as 70% of the protein in our skin. It consists of amino acids bound together into fibres to form connective tissue which provides structural support, strength, elasticity & protective coverings throughout the body. It is an essential component of muscle, tendon, bone, teeth, blood vessels, skin, hair, & nails, & is often considered to be the ‘glue’ that holds all of these structures together.

Consequently, Collagen plays a vital role in our health, performance & appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, our body produces less Collagen & that which it does produce is of a lower quality. It is estimated that we begin to lose about 1% of our Collagen per year in our mid-20s & a woman may lose as much as 30% during the first five years of menopause. The visible consequences of this loss of Collagen are sagging skin & wrinkles. Also, wounds heal less quickly. You may experience a loss of flexibility as tendons & ligaments stiffen, & become weaker as muscle mass is lost. Less obvious is the weakening of the cartilage within our joints that accompanies a reduction in Collagen, which is implicated in the development of osteoarthritis.

How do our diet & lifestyle affect our Collagen levels?

In order for the body to produce Collagen we must provide it with right nutrients. This includes consuming sufficient amounts of high-quality protein from sources such as meat, fish & dairy. Or if you consume a plant-based diet, soya, lentils, chick peas, various beans, spirulina, & quinoa can all provide you with the protein you need. Other less obvious but still vital nutrients include:

Vitamin C, a water- soluble vitamin found in large in amounts in citrus fruits, strawberries, red peppers, kale, & broccoli.

The amino acid Proline, which is a constituent of most proteins, especially Collagen. Good sources of which include eggs, meat, dairy products, avocados, wheat germ & oatmeal. Glycine, an amino acid found in large amounts in unsweetened gelatine, soy, turkey, wheat germ cereals, pork skin & chicken skin.

The mineral Copper, which can be found in many foods including raw kale, shiitake mushrooms, spirulina, organ meats such as liver, nuts & seeds, lobster & dark chocolate.

We also need to avoid consuming a diet high in sugar & refined carbohydrates as these can reduce the body’s ability to produce & repair Collagen.

Other lifestyle factors can also affect our Collagen levels. For example, smoking & excessive sun exposure both inhibit Collagen production.

What are the benefits of a Collagen supplement?

The key ingredients of Time 4 Collagen+ have been shown scientifically to provide a number of potential benefits for health & performance. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing Collagen
  • Increasing muscle mass
  • Increasing muscular strength
  • Enhancing post-exercise recovery
  • Enhancing post-injury tissue repair
  • Reducing joint pain
  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving bone health
  • Enhancing skin health and appearance
  • Enhancing hair health and appearance
  • Enhancing nail health

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Energy ( kJ/kcal ) 1404 / 336 126 / 30
Fat (g)
of which saturates (g)
Carbohydrate (g)
of which sugars (g)
Fibre (g) 0 0
Protein (g) 84 7.6
Salt (g) 1.43 0.13
Bovine Collagen
(Type 1 & 3) (g)



Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) (g) 11.1 1 -
Bamboo Extract (mg) 1478 133 -
of which Silica (mg) 1111 100 -
Vitamin C (mg) 889 80 100%