The Skinny Food Co - Fakeaway Meals 300g

The Skinny Food Co


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Introducing the game-changing Fakeaway ® Ready Meals - the easy and convenient way to eat healthily!

Love a Takeaway but worry about the number of calories you will consume? Well, now you can enjoy a healthy Fakeaway ® Ready Meal completely guilt-free! You will love these amazingly flavoursome fake-away meals as they're gluten-free, high protein, diabetic friendly and can be enjoyed within just 3.5 minutes - Not Guilty!

What Fakeaway ® Ready Meals will you get?

Indian Chicken Tikka Fakeaway ® 189 Calories Ready Meal
Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken Fakeaway ® 207 Calories Ready Meal
Italian Tomato Fusilli Fakeaway ® 195 Calories Ready Meal
Mexican Beef & Chilli Wedges Fakeaway ® 183 Calories Ready Meal
Thai Green Chicken Curry Fakeaway ® 264 Calories Ready Meal
Portuguese Peri Peri Chicken Fakeaway ® 189 Calories Ready Meal


Allergen-Free ✓
Low Sugar ✓
High Protein ✓
Just 189 Calories per Meal ✓
Low Fat & Slimming Friendly ✓
Super Convenient & Healthy ✓
No Added Sugar & Diabetic Friendly ✓