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Are you looking for something to help you fall asleep faster? Or enjoy a better night’s rest? If so, Stacker 2 Europe’s unique, high-quality formula Night Caps is exactly what you need. Night Caps contain no less than 10 ingredients, including Melatonin and Valerian. In combination, these help you get to sleep faster and prolong your night’s rest. Thanks to the synergetic operation of 10 active substances, this formula is much more effective for many users than taking Melatonin alone.

When to use Night Caps

  • When you have difficulty getting to sleep
  • After a late gym session that leaves you wide awake
  • When your day/night rhythm is disrupted (e.g. jetlag, shift work)

Instructions for use

The daily dose should be taken 1 or 2 hours before going to bed. Take 1 Night Cap capsule, with a glass of water. If the recommended dose has very little effect, it can be increased after 1-2 weeks to 2 capsules.