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IQ caps is designed to support an active lifestyle. This can be beneficial for sports, studying, gaming or any other activity that requires your full concentration. These comparable needs require a controlled energy level and prolonged concentration, for example athletes will notice a better mind-muscle connection, students will be able to study more efficient and gamers can keep their concentration and focus for a longer period. IQ caps will give you the edge!

Unique mix of nootropic ingredients

IQ caps has a unique mix of nootropic ingredients combined with stimulants. Nootropics are compounds that enhances the brains function and increases the focus towards concentration, memory, mood and enhancing your cognitive potential. The main ingredients are the well-researched ingredients Bacopa monnieri and Panax ginseng.

Stay alert and reduce tiredness

Next to the nootropic ingredients we provide you the energy you need to stay alert and reduce tiredness. Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, L-Carnitine, Vitamine B6 and Theanine are involved in IQ Caps.

Short-term benefits, noticeable from the start

  • Increase in well-being, stress relief (Bacopa Monnier, Panax Ginseng)*
  • Less fatigue (Coleus forskohlii, Vitamin B6)*
  • Increase in power (Alpha-GPC, Caffeine)*

Long-term benefits, noticeable from 4-6 weeks of consecutive supplementing

  • Improvement in memory and concentration (Bacopa monnieri)*
  • Increase in cognition (Panax ginseng, Choline bitartrate)*

*Statements are Scientific supported through independent studies and have not (yet) been evaluated by the EFSA.