QNT Smart Vitamin Training Antioxidant Drink 1 x 700ml



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QNT Smart Vitamin Cranberry Zero Calorie Training Antioxidant Drink – 1 x 700ml

A refreshing drink with zero calories Smart Vitamin contains all the vitamins and antioxidants you need to maintain good vitality. Made with pure cranberry juice it’s a pleasure to take anytime during the day or after a workout.


Product Features

  • Daily protection against external agressions
  • Powerful antioxidant




700 ml x 1

Directions for use

1 bottle daily anytime in the day or after training

INGREDIENTS Water acidity regulators E330/E331 ­flavour preservatives E202/E211 cranberryjuice from concentrate 05% sweetener E955 colors E102/E122/E133 vitamin B3 vit.C B5 E B6 A B12