QNT Protein 92 Casein Calcium Blend Muscle Powder 750g



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QNT Protein 92 Calcium Blend Muscle Maintain Mixing Powder - 750g

One of our most popular protein formulas. Protein 92 is a blend of calcium caseinate and high biological value highly purified whey protein isolate Protein 92 is packed full of valuable amino acids. Superb for a high-protein diet Protein 92 can help you to maintain a positive nitrogen balance during your high intensity training program.With just a tiny 1.6 % fat Protein 92 can help you to meet your protein levels whilst maintaining a low fat intake. 


  • Proteins (calcium caseinate milk protein isolate micellar casein) flavour sweetener E955 Vit. B3 Vit. B5 Vit. B6 Vit. B2 Vit. B12.

How to use

  • Mix 30 g with 250 ml water or cold skimmed milk. Consume after training.