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SHREDABULL UNTAMED Shredabull Untamed's Neurostim™ Blend ensures you don't suffer from flagging energy levels while dieting. By supplying your brain with ample mental stimulants to stay focused and alert, it prevents you crashing on your diet in addition to suppressing harmful cravings. - Contains Yohimbine HCL for stubborn bodyfat incineration in addition to proven thermogenic compounds to switch on the fat-burning blast furnace, ramping up metabolic rate and mobilising fat cells in the process. - Shredabull Untamed's unique Thyrocharge Complex™ ensures your thyroid gland functions optimally when dieting and isn't susceptible to huge swings that affect appetite and vital hormones, laying the foundation for long-term dietary success without harmful rebounds. "Shredabull Untamed is AD's war cry entry to the fat burning market. We observed, analysed and then said "what can we do better?" in this saturated yet increasingly lucrative niche. Combining the efforts of our team of researchers, athletes' knowledge of contest preparation and dieting, we have crafted a formula that successfully puts peoples results before profits. This 3-pronged approach to fat loss found within Shredabull Untamed's formula seeks to tackle the mental challenges of dieting, as well as ensuring that after the process is finished, there's no rebound. There is, of course, a blistering combination of powerful thermogenics as you'd expect, and our recent upgrade to this formula contains novel ingredients such as 2-aminoisoheptane & Yohimbine HCL to innovate in typical AD fashion, resulting in a formula that covers fat loss from all conceivable angles and ensure that the results last long after you finish restricting calories."