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Appetite accelerant and digestive supercharging matrix - Ravenous acts as a gut cleansing agent helping promote increased appetite and contains a potent digestive enzyme complex. The ultimate bulking agent: Ravenous is the most complete appetite enhancement and digestive cleansing product to hit the market. Designed for individuals looking to pack on serious muscle and increase nutrient uptake, yet may struggle under normal circumstances to introduce enough quality calories into their diets. The unique OPTIMASS and OPTIZYME complex within the formula is designed to induce a rave- nous appetite where you're able to substantially increase your calorific uptake to facilitate muscle gains. The DIGESTAPLEX and ELIMATOX complex's assist in cleansing the digestive tract and safegu- arding against the build-up of toxins in the body. This results in an enormous increase in nutrient utilization, ensuring the extra calories consumed go towards building muscle with optimal digestive health not compromised. For individuals focusing on weight management, Ravenous actually works on a multi angle approach to optimizing gut health actually resulting in reducing bloating and tightening the waist line, while enhancing the assimilation of nutrients from the diet.