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Hench Hi-Calorie Mass Gainer is a potent formula specifically designed to provide the optimum level of high quality calories, ideal for lean muscle growth and increased size. As well as supplying all the critical nutrients for supporting fast muscle growth, gram for gram, Hench mass gainer is the most calorie concentrated weight gainer on the market today. Comprising of three different sources of protein, it is the number one choice for those wanting to bulk up and increase muscle size whilst avoiding any ugly build up of unattractive body fat. The precise formula contains the right balance of amino acids, essential omega fats and good carbs needed to maximise efficiency with low saturated fat. You can be 100% certain that Hench Mass Gainer will give you the results you want.

Available in delicious Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana & Butterscotch


-1000 calories per serving -high in calories for maximum effect
-A huge 55g of protein with milk - for lean, rapid muscle growth and definition
-Perfect for bulking up - designed to increase both size and power
-Delivers exactly what your body and muscles need to increase size dramatically
-No unwanted fat build ups, low in saturated fat and only good carbs
-Contains fat burning MCT's, essential fatty acids and omega's


Each 160g serving with whole milk provides
Calories: 1000
Protein: 55g
Fat: 29g
Carbohydrate: 130g

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Each 4kg tub contains 25 x 160g servings or 50 x 80g servings.


Add 2-4 scoops to a shaker or blender, together with approximately 300 - 600ml of milk (whole milk can be used for extra calories) and consume 1-2 shakes daily or as required