Efectiv Sports Nutrition Loaded Lean Mass Gainer 3kg



Each delicious serving of Efectiv Loaded contains up to 54g of an exclusive Efectiv protein complex to help support lean muscle growth. LOADED includes a unique multi stage carbohydrate complex with added vitamins and minerals such as zinc which contributes to normal CHO metabolism and Vitamin B6 for energy yielding metabolism needed to support intense workouts.

The ingredients in LOADED can be used through the day and even pre or post exercise depending on your personal nutrition requirements. Every serving is fortified with a full spectrum blend of specifically chosen vitamins and minerals to help support your daily nutrient intake while strength training or competing in sport.

LOADED is further enhanced to satisfy your demands with cutting edge ingredients such as Leucine spiked Branch Chain Amino acids (BCAAs), Glutamine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Beta Alanine and Creatine, which has been shown to improve physical performance during high intensity exercise.

  • Up To 54g of Protein in Every Serving
  • With Creatine, Glutamine & Beta Alanine
  • All in One Complete Formula

Serving Size: 3 scoops (150g)

Per 150g: Total Calories: 580

Protein: 52g, Total Carbohydrates: 89g -Sugars: 1.7g, Fat: 2.0g -Saturates: 1.0g, Fat: 2g -Saturates: 1.0g, Sodium: 0.44g

Vitamin D: 5ìg, Vitamin E: 12mg, Vitamin C: 80mg, Thiamin: 1.1mg, Riboflavin: 1.4mg, Niacin: 16.0mg, Pantothenic Acid: 6.0mg, Vitamin B6: 1.4mg, Vitamin B12: 2.5ìg

Potassium: 345mg, Calcium: 651mg, Magnesium: 141mg, Phosphorus: 423mg, Zinc: 6mg, Manganese: 1.5mg, Chromium: 96ìg

Creatine Monohydrate: 5g

L-Glutamine: 2g

BCAA: 8g

Alpha Lipoic Acid: 50mg

Beta Alanine: 500mg


Please note that nutritional information is a guide only. Nutritional breakdown for individual products may vary slightly