Dymetadrine D30+ T-5 Fat Burner Weight Loss Strong Dieting



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The world famous Dymetadrine D30+ are without doubt the strongest, most effective weight loss& energy boosting supplement!on the market. They are now back as strong and as effective as ever. 


Proprietary Blend 400mg 
Eph HCL  
Tri-Blend Caffeine 

For Extreme Energy: 

Take 1 capsule prior to exercise or times that required increase energy & focus 

For Weight Loss: 
Take 1 capsule immediately upon waking on an empty stomach do this for 3 days to test tolerance then introduce 1 capsule 6 hours after the morning capsule. never exceed 2 capsules in 24 hours and never take 2 capsules in 1 serving. 

You can take for a maximum of 8 weeks continuously then take 10-14 days off and repeat. 

For The Best Fat Burning Cycle of your life Take 2 Capsules On An Empty Stomach 30 Minutes Prior To Breakfast With A Large Glass Of Water. 

If You Want An Insanely Energized Workout Take 30 Minutes Prior To Your Training Session (Max 2 Caps Per Day) 

WARNING: This Product Is Extremely Strong So Assess Your Tolerance By Only Taking One Capsule On The First Time Of Using This Product