Black Mamba YK-11 x 30 Cap

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YK-11 25mg 30 Capsules (myostatin inhibitor)

The benefits of YK11 are plentiful. Unlike ana roids, the mechanism of the compound targets specific cells only. This eliminates many of the unpleasant side effects associated with ana roids, SARMs, and human growth hormone. The benefits that you can expect to receive with using YK11 are as follows.

It helps to enhance muscle growth to a level much higher than without it. You will not experience any water retention or its associated side effects. A sharp increase in the levels of follistatin in the body with a drop of myostatin levels.

None of the common side effects associated with ana roid use. The possibility of surpassing your genetics with regards to muscle mass accrual. It can be added to any cycle for additional energy and muscle growth due to different mechanisms of HGH, roids, and SARMs.

Increased level of muscle fullness while providing a hardening effect.